Melanie Beatty & Alisa Senecal
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10:00 am
Okanagan-Similkameen Healthy Living  Melanie and Alisa

10:00 am - Speaker Area:

Beyond the Scale

Confused about what defines a healthy weight? Many of us are, with the overwhelming messages telling us that thinner bodies are healthier, more beautiful and successful. Despite all our efforts, we're not getting any thinner, and research shows that dieting can be harmful to overall health and wellbeing.

Health at Every Size (HAES)® is an alternative to the traditional weight focused approach. Join us as we discuss this novel approach to health that can help us build a positive body image, enjoy food, and discover the pleasure of moving our bodies.

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Melanie Beatty, RD

Melanie Beatty is a registered dietitian (RD) working in public health with an extensive background in chronic disease management and feeding relationships. She is passionate about providing clients and the public with evidence based nutrition guidance. In her time off she enjoys spending time with her family and mountain biking.

Alisa Senecal, RD

Alisa Senecal is a registered dietitian (RD) who provides outpatient nutrition counseling and chronic disease management at the Penticton Health Centre. She is passionate about helping people improve their relationship with food and taking the focus off of weight. Alisa also enjoys helping people learn how to use food to control their disease symptoms, and to improve their quality of life. When not working, Alisa enjoys biking, skiing, and growing vegetables.
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