Liesel Reimer
11:30 am
Okanagan-Similkameen Healthy Living  Liesel Reimer

ROOM #1 - 11:30 am:

Mental Fitness for Women

What are you doing to stay fit? We exchange stories and investigate ways of staying physically fit, whether it's our favourite exercise, most effective diet, or access to the latest medical care. But what about being mentally fit?

Our mental health is affected by numerous factors from our daily life, including stress of balancing work and relationships. Mental fitness enables us to positively juggle our many responsibilities and relationships. In our workshop we will identify what mental fitness looks like, the obstacles that prevent health, and strategies that will enable us to experience optimal health.

The above presentation is brought to you by the Okanagan Valley Healing Society as part of their Women's Health Fair Line-up of Speakers and:
Canadian Mental Health Association - Booth #41


Liesel Reimer

Liesel recently moved back to the Okanagan and joined the Canadian Mental Health Association SOS team as Community Educator and Mental Health Advocate.

She has a BA in Human Services (Child & Youth Care) and a background in developing and delivering bespoke community programs that enable children, youth, adults, and seniors heal from trauma and pursue holistic well-being both at home and in their communities. Liesel grew up in Westbank before attending college in Alberta and working in Switzerland (2 years) and Ireland (12 years).